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Between October 2018 & September 2019, OSHA conducted a total of 195 inspections of chemical manufacturing plants.

As a result, the administration issued 759 citations and fines totaling $2.6 million

This data, recently posted on the agency’s website, reveals the five most-cited OSHA standards for chemical manufacturers from this past year:


  1. Respiratory Protection


OSHA issued 106 citations to chemical manufacturers who were found in violation of the respiratory protection standard 1910.132. This standard requires employers to take measures to prevent atmospheric exposure of toxic substances, with measures such as engineering controls or respirators.


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The fines for respiratory protection totaled $140,106 this year.


  1. Hazardous Energy Control (Lockout/tagout)


Chemical manufacturers were cited 90 times for failing to comply with standard 1910.146, which requires employers to create a program and procedures to install appropriate lockout/tagout mechanisms or energy isolating devices. Measures such as this can prevent the unexpected startup, release of stored energy, or other energization of equipment that can cause injury.

Fines totaled $411,641 this year.


  1. Hazard Communication


OSHA issued 84 citations to employers that were found in violation of hazard communication standard 1910.1200, totaling $141,975 in fines. Under this standard, producers and importers of chemicals must classify the hazards for chemicals they handle. They must also provide important information about them to workers by labeling.

Training, safety data sheets, and hazard communication programs.


  1. Process Safety Management of Highly Hazardous Chemicals


Standard 1910.119 aims to prevent a catastrophic release of toxic, reactive, flammable, or explosive chemicals. It requires companies that use specific processing must conduct a process hazard analysis and develop safe work practices, as well as training to control the identified hazards.


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OSHA issued 81 citations for violations of this standard, resulting in the most fines — $682,636.


  1. General Requirements for All Machines


Under standard 1910.212, employers are required to use machine guarding in order to protect workers from the hazards that may occur from point of operation, rotating parts, flying chips, in-running nip points, and sparks.

OSHA issued 37 citations for this standard during the past years and fines totaling $234,841

Click here to view OSHA’s full list of standards cited from the past year. 


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