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Workers Compensation Injury Care with Worksite Medical®

Workers’ Compensation Clinics

At Worksite Medical®, we are committed to both providing the best medical treatment to your employees and minimizing lost work days. Staffed by highly trained medical teams, our walk-in friendly clinics have one goal: to get you and your team back to work.

Locations: Ellwood City, PA (Greater Pittsburgh Area) | Belcamp, MD (Greater Baltimore Area)

Injury Care Just For Workers

Send your team to a clinic designed just for workers. No more long waits at urgent care clinics.

 At Worksite Medical, you’ll get medical evaluation and treatment for work-related injuries, including: initial evaluation non-emergent injuries; lacerations & abrasions; sprains & strains; and work-related medical conditions or symptoms

“Wonderful, fast, friendly staff that kept things moving with our Associates! Thank you!”

Safety Manager

Construction Company

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