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Each year, thousands of workers are blinded by occupational injuries.

Making matters worse, most of these life-changing injuries could have been prevented with proper eye and face protection.

Along with these injuries, businesses suffer more than $300 million annually, due to lost production time, medical expenses, and worker’s compensation. 

OSHA regulates eye and face protection to ensure the safety of all employees in your work environment. Protection must be provided for protection against chemical, environmental, radiological or mechanical irritants and hazards.

But, selecting the right personal protective equipment (PPE) is critical.


Selecting the Right Eye & Face Protection Equipment


The appropriate eye and/or face protection depends on the hazards of your workplace.

Using a hazard assessment, you can determine the risk of exposure to eye and face hazards, including those which can come up in an emergency. 

Use the OSHA table below to identify your workplace hazards, and click the links to learn about what specific type of PPE is recommended. 

Hazard type Examples of Hazard Common Related Tasks
Impact Flying objects such as large chips, fragments, particles, sand, and dirt Chipping, grinding, machining, masonry work, wood working, sawing, drilling, chiseling, powered fastening, riveting, and sanding
Heat Anything emitting extreme heat Furnace operations, pouring, casting, hot dipping, and welding
Chemicals Splash, fumes, vapors, and irritating mists Acid and chemical handling, degreasing, plating, and working with blood
Dust Harmful dust Woodworking, buffing, and general dusty conditions
Optical Radiation Radiant energy, glare, and intense light Welding, torch-cutting, brazing, soldering, and laser work


Criteria for Personal Protective Equipment 


Any eye and face protection must comply with the following standards: 

  • Eye and face personal protective equipment (PPE) shall be distinctly marked to facilitate identification of the manufacturer. [29 CFR 1910.133(a)(4)]
  • The following minimum requirements must be met by all protective devices. Protectors shall:
    • Provide adequate protection against the particular hazards for which they are designed.
    • Be of safe design and construction for the work to be performed.
    • Be reasonably comfortable when worn under the designated conditions.
    • Fit snugly and not unduly interfere with the movements of the wearer.
    • Be durable.
    • Be capable of being disinfected.
    • Be easily cleanable.
    • Be distinctly marked to facilitate identification only of the manufacturer.


Fitting Personal Protective Equipment 


Protective gear isn’t much use if it doesn’t fit, as this can compromise the protective barrier between the hazard and the wearer.

Comfort is also important, so your employees can work without obstacles. 

Here are OSHA’s standards for comfort and fit of PPE: 

  • Fitting of goggles and safety spectacles should be done by someone skilled in the procedure.
    • Prescription safety spectacles should be fitted only by qualified optical personnel.
  • Devices with adjustable features should be fitted on an individual basis to provide a comfortable fit that maintains the device in the proper position.
  • Eye protection from dust and chemical splash should form a protective seal when fitted properly.
  • Welding helmets and face shields must be properly fitted to ensure that they will not fall off during work operations.



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