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Opportunity Cost & Employer Liability


Employers are constantly faced with balancing convenience and efficiency with thoroughness and safety on their work sites, but there shouldn’t have to be a compromise between those essentials. Staying OSHA compliant is no easy task.

However, mobile medical surveillance testing is making it easier than ever for employers to manage their job sites as well as the health and safety of their employees.

At one time, workers were required to leave work — whether it be paid or unpaid — and go to clinics for testing as options were limited. With off-site testing, employers are often responsible for covering extra travel costs while enduring loss of productivity. 


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It can take hours, or even entire work days, for workers to get tested and wait for their results. In some rural areas, traveling to a clinic alone may take several hours. Eventually, that wasted time becomes a major strain on productivity.

Additionally, employers are liable for any accidents that may occur on the way to and from the testing lab. If an employee is involved in a vehicular accident on company time, and he/she is injured, then that could result in insurance and/or workers’ compensation claims.

Risk always plays a major role in any business, but there is no greater unnecessary risk than that of sending your entire team off-site to complete their medical surveillance testing.

When a group of workers need certain testing, mobile is not only the best way to go, it also might be cheaper overall.


Increase Productivity with Mobile Medical Testing


With mobile medical surveillance testing, employers can choose between on-site or off-site testing. Mobile testing offers a streamlined process that they can actually see, which limits both additional costs and added risks.

Workers can receive the same quality of service without leaving work. Furthermore, each employee can return to work moments after testing, which ensures that productivity remains continuous.

That means no more long waits at urgent care clinics. And, you’ll be able to monitor the entire process to ensure that it’s done to your standards.


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One Place, One Time, At Your Convenience


Not only is mobile testing a great solution for keeping a company OSHA compliant, but it can also become an integral part of your medical surveillance program.

In most cases, employees needs a variety of tests, from audio & vision exams to OSHA physicals and respirator fit testing. If you were to schedule your testing with Worksite Medical, you’d be able to get everything completed at one time, and you can do it in shifts, if needed.

Mobile medical clinics were designed just for you. Get your team tested on-site and back to work. Convenient, compliant occupational medicine.

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