DOT Medical Clearance Standards - Worksite Medical
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DOT medical clearance

DOT medical clearance limitations

  • You’ve lost a foot, leg, hand, or arm; unless you’ve been granted a skill performance evaluation certificate
  • You have an impairment of a hand, finger, arm, foot, or leg that interferes with your ability to drive a truck
  • You have diabetes that requires insulin for control
  • You have heart disease that causes chest pain and/or shortness of breath
  • You have respiratory problems that hinder breathing ability
  • You have high blood pressure that is likely to interfere with your driving ability
  • You have loss of movement or feeling in some part of your body
  • You have epilepsy or another condition that causes you to lose consciousness
  • You have a psychiatric disorder that is likely to interfere with your driving ability
  • You have vision impairments, with one or both eyes, that keep you from seeing far away objects, objects side to side, or traffic signal colors (lenses may be used to correct seeing far away objects)
  • You have hearing impairments that limit your ability to hear a loud whisper from at least five feet away without a hearing aid
  • You use Schedule 1 drugs (heroin, marijuana, LSD), narcotics, or any other sort habit-forming drugs, unless a doctor familiar with your medical history prescribed the drug and cleared you to operate a CMV
  • You have a clinical diagnosis of alcoholism

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