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Mobile Medical Testing Simplifies Workplace Health & Safety


Are you still sending employees off-site for medical testing?

Employers take on additional liability and loss of productivity when they send employers to off-site clinics for testing. Now, mobile medical surveillance makes it possible for employers to manage job sites as well as the health and safety of their employees.


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When employers choose to send their workers off-site for testing, they are making themselves liable for any accidents that may occur to and from the testing lab.


Worker’s Compensation & Off-Site Injuries


Employees are technically “at work,” so any incidents, such as car accidents, that occur on company time could result in insurance and/or workers’ compensation claims.

According to,:

“In general, workers will be eligible for worker’s compensation for injuries that occur away from the job site if the injury is work-related.  Determining whether an injury is work-related can be somewhat confusing, so courts generally look to see whether the injury was causedby the employment.

Some off-site injuries that are typically covered include injuries that occur:

  • While traveling if the employee is a traveling salesperson with no fixed job site, or the employer provides the employee’s transportation through a company car or by reimbursing the employee for travel expenses;
  • During a company-sponsored event, such as a Christmas party, as long as it is company-sponsored and not just employees getting together on their own;
  • During a company-sponsored recreational activity, such as a company fitness program to increase employee health or a team-building event for the office;
  • During a recreational activity to entertain potential clients.


Effects on Productivity


Additionally, employers may lose productivity on the worksite.

It can take hours, or even entire work days, for workers to get tested and wait for the results.

In rural areas, simply traveling to the nearest clinic may take several hours — and employers could be responsible for paying travel expenses.

Employers are tasked with striking a balance between convenience and efficiency, along with thoroughness and safety, on their worksites. Worksite testing is an important part of worker safety and health, and shouldn’t compromise those essentials.


Comprehensive Mobile Medical Surveillance


With mobile medical surveillance testing, the clinic, medical professionals & equipment all come to you.

Worksite Medical has a fleet of mobile medical units staffed with licensed physicians. This offers a streamlined process that employers can actually see, which limits both additional costs and added risks.

Workers can receive the same quality of testing without even leaving work.. Employees return to work moments after testing, thus saving productivity.

No more long waits at the clinic.

And, with testing all on-site, employers can monitor the entire process to make sure it’s done to their standards.

Not only is mobile medical testing a great solution for staying OSHA compliant, it can also become a cornerstone of your medical surveillance program.

Medical surveillance is a great way to be proactive about health on the jobsite. In most cases, employees need a variety of tests beyond the standard offerings of a health clinic — including audio exams, OSHA physicals, and respirator fit tests.

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