Are You Forgetting This Key Part to OSHA's Respirator Standard?
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Most employers understand the necessity of respirator use when their worksites contain hazardous chemicals, particles, or dust in the air.

However, remaining compliant with respiratory protection involves more than simply providing a mask. As per the respirator standard, respirators need to be regularly checked for effectiveness by way of fit testing.

Surprisingly, that’s not the most overlooked part of the respirator standard. 

In September, OSHA revealed its top-10 most-cited violations for FY 2022 (See Here). With 2,430 violations, respiratory protection finished fourth on the list, two spots lower than FY 2021. However, once again, CFR 1910.134(e)(1) remained the most cited section of the standard.

The vast majority of violations occurred because employees did not receive medical evaluations to determine their ability to use respirators.


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The Respirator Standard & Medical Clearance


Worksite Medical Vice President of Sales Tom Piocquidio explained that a newly acquired customer ran into this issue during a recent OSHA inspection.

“I got a call from [their safety manager], and he told me they got dinged by OSHA for being out of compliance for respirators,'” Piocquidio said.

“They were using PAPRs (Powered Air Purifying Respirators), so he didn’t need fit testing. But, I explained that, even though he didn’t need to fit test the PAPRs, which were loose-fitting, they’re still classified as respirators, so he still needs to have respirator medical clearances on file.”

For some, wearing a respirator impairs breathing, especially for older employees or those with asthma. It also affects vision and triggers panic attacks.


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Thus, employees must be evaluated before they are fit tested, according to OSHA standard 1910.134(e)(1). That section states that “the employer shall provide a medical evaluation to determine the employee’s ability to use a respirator, before the employee is fit tested or required to use a respirator in the workplace.”

Even if the respirator is only used for a short period of time, it may trigger breathing difficulties and claustrophobia.

Evaluating and fitting employers out of order can lead to steep OSHA fines — up to $14,502 per violation for serious violations, and up to $145,027 for repeat or willful violations, as of Dec 27, 2022.


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Respirator clearance classifications include:

  • Class I: No restrictions on respirator use.
  • Class II: Respirator use for Emergency Response or Escape Only
  • Class III: Respirator use is not permitted

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